Harold Murdock Scott, Jr.

Harold Scott served as Gunnery Officer aboard the Bennion after the departure of Holloway. According to David Sears in his book At War With the Wind, Scott "had barely slept for days before the February 1945 Assault on Iwo Jima because he worried over instructions received at a preinvasion briefing. He was told to keep his gunfire one hundred yards ahead of the Marine advance while Bennion cruised less than a mile offshore. At such close range and with so little tolerance for error, Scott feared his firing trajectory would be so flat as to risk mowing down the advancing Marines." After much effort in making calculations and experimenting in the open ocean, Scott was satisfied that he would be able to accurately support the Marines.

In April, he was awarded the Silver Star Medal for his service as Gunnery Officer during the Okinawa campaign. The citation for this award read:
With his ship under concentrated attack by eight to ten planes on the afternoon of April 12, Lieutenant Scott courageously took four targets under fire with the heavy antiaircraft battery within a period of three minutes. During many attacks by enemy suicide planes while his ship was acting as a radar picket, he directed the guns in destroying twelve Japanese aircraft and in assisting in the destruction of four others.