U.S.S. Bennion DD662

The following poem was written by Marie Parsons Kavanaugh in August 1985. It was "dedicated to her brother, Fire Controlman Charles J Parsons and his shipmate Paul Hoschek and in gratitude to the other seaman who served with them on the U.S.S. Bennion DD662."

The "Battling Bennion" my Mother called her
And as all could plainly see,
She was never one to shirk her duty.
She fought her battles valiantly.

As she roamed the Pacific waters,
Ever watchful as could be,
Taking part in heavy shelling,
she survived -- mercifully.

Now, some men who served aboard her
Have come here to reminisce
And to honor their fallen shipmates
Who are still so sorrowfully missed.

As they gather together,
Trading tales and swapping memories,
Let them be forever mindful
Of their safe return from stormy seas.

May the Bennion and others like her
Be saluted in quiet unity,
And may our Country's future sailors
Sail upon a peaceful sea.